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Know Your Rights

The main consumer protection law in Ohio is the Consumer Sales Practices Act. Ohio consumers have a right to be treated fairly by businesses. Businesses are not allowed to deceive customers. When consumers' rights have been violated, they may be able to rescind, or undo, the deal, and get their money back. If the business engaged in unfair or deceptive acts that have already been ruled to be illegal, the consumer may receive three times their damages. If the business knew what it was doing, but acted unfairly or deceptively anyway, a court may order the business to pay the consumer's attorney fees. If you were subjected to unfair or deceptive acts, you may be entitled to $200 from the business, even if you have no damages, just to compensate you for your trouble, and to encourage businesses to follow the law. These consumer-friendly parts of the law help to prevent unfair business practices, and to encourage consumers to enforce their rights, even if there was not a significant loss.

In addition to filing a lawsuit, you can also file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General at:

You may also want to complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at:

You can also complain to the Federal Trade Commission here:

However, you should keep in mind that the Attorney General's office, the CFPB and the FTC normally do not act as your attorney.

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