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Lemon Law

Ohio's Lemon Law provides help to individuals and businesses who purchase a "lemon" vehicle. Generally, a vehicle is a lemon if it has a defect or condition covered by a warranty that substantially impairs its use, value, or safety to the consumer. The consumer must have reported the problem to the manufacturer (for example, by taking the vehicle to an authorized dealer) within the first year or first 18,000 miles, whichever is earlier. If the manufacturer is unable to fix the vehicle to make it conform to the warranty after a reasonable number of tries, the vehicle is a lemon.

The lemon law can apply to those who lease a vehicle as well as buyers. Also, the law is available to those who lease or buy the vehicle used, as long as the problem was reported within the first year or first 18,000 miles after the vehicle was first sold or leased.

The law is very favorable to the victims of a lemon. The owner or lessee of a lemon vehicle can force the manufacturer to take it back. The customer can then choose to receive either a replacement vehicle from the manufacturer, or a complete refund of the purchase or lease price. Also, the manufacturer must pay the customer's attorney fees.

Keep in mind that this is just general information about the lemon law. There is much more to the law governing vehicles. If you have a specific legal problem, or if you think you have a case, contact an attorney to see if she or he can represent you.

There are other laws designed to protect people from particular wrongful business practices.
Here are a few:

Lemon Law
Illegal Faxes
Truth in Lending Act
Unfair Debt Collection (FDCPA)

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